About Fertchem

Fertchem is part of the TERVALIS family (Spain), as well as Fertinagro Biotech.  Fertinagro Biotech is a company that owns production factories that produce fertilizers, which allows us to position ourselves in the Ukrainian market as one of the world leaders in the production of innovative, modern and high-quality fertilizers, and as a developer of power systems for plants. The TERVALIS group is represented in 76 countries worldwide and has leading positions in the presented markets. The total volume of production of all products in 2019 exceeded 2,900,000 tons. This production volume makes us one of the largest manufacturers of high-tech-special fertilizers on the European continent.

One of the main ideas in the development of formulations in our products is to provide plants with all the necessary nutrients in the exact amount needed to achieve maximum economic efficiency. We successfully cope with this task due to over 30 years of production experience, cooperation with leading world centers for agronomic research, the presence of 15 own laboratories, and annual investment in research that exceeds 3,000,000 euros.

One of our main prerogatives is to achieve maximum economic efficiency for our customers. At the same time, we try to minimize the harmful effects on the environment from the use of mineral fertilizers.

Thus, we widely apply the latest technology in the production of our products based on the widespread use of amino acids and nutrients of natural origin.

Along with this, we have our storage facilities and transport, which allows us to deliver products to customers fast.

Using the company’s products, you always get high quality, tall and great crops, high sowing speed, and always timely delivery of our products.

Advantages of working with us

European quality
Environmental responsibility of our company
Use of advanced technologies

Our Certificates

As fertilizer producers, we have become the first European agricultural company to be triple certified by Bureau Quality International (BVQI)

Environmental Protection

Our ambitious plan is as follows:

1. Achieving maximum results in the cultivation of crops with minimal damage to the ecosystem.

2. Proper use of fertilizers in the cultivation of crops, namely the provision of all necessary nutrients in an easily accessible form for plants.

3. Achieving maximum cost-effectiveness by our customers when using Firthham products.

To do this, we work with world leaders in the production of plant protection products, seeds, agricultural machinery. Among other things, we always provide technical and advisory support to our clients. We constantly conduct our own tests in order to improve previously developed food systems and find optimal solutions for the use of different types of products depending on climatic conditions, soil types and cultivated products.