Water-soluble fertilizers

Our company, Fertchem, presents two lines of water-soluble fertilizers Fertium Aqua (Fertium Aqua) and Summum (Summum). In both cases, we present perfectly balanced formulas in the following NPK ratios: 1:1:1, with a high phosphorus content of 1:3:1, and with a high potassium content of 2:1:4. Also, in two cases, chelated micronutrients have been added. The main difference between Fertium Aqua and Summum is the presence of amino acids from seaweed extract, the presence of auxins and cytokinins, as well as the use of two chelating agents (organic – lignosulfonate and synthetic – EDTA) in the Summum product line. Thanks to the use of amino acids and a more modern production process, we are able to reduce the required application rate to 1-2 kg / ha (per 200 liters of working solution) with foliar application and to 50 kg / ha with irrigation. Both products can be used as foliar application for foliar nutrition, and as the main nutrition with the irrigation. Our specialists at Fertchem are always happy to help you with the selection of the optimal product, depending on the type of crop, the phase of its development and the method of application in each specific case.