About our granular fertilizers

Our company, Fertchem, offers innovative granular fertilizers (Multifos) and (Durasop). In these products, a matrix-based polymer protective shell is used, which allows you to protect the nutrients inside, from constant direct contact with the soil and get a prolonged effect of the fertilizer. This matrix is ​​the basis for the physical protection of the nutrients, as well as the use of patented chemical protection technologies in our products.In particular, the technology (Multifos) helps protect phosphorus from binding to metal and aluminum oxides on acidic soils and  the technology protects phosphorus from retrograde on wetland (carbonate) soils from binding to calcium and magnesium. The Duramon technology (Duramon) provides protection of nitrogen against washing and evaporation, and also provides the prolonged action of nitrogen for up to 90 days after the initial application to the soil. We use SOP technology, which signifies  that the potassium in our fertilizers does not contain chlorine, and the raw material is potassium sulfate, unlike most other products that use a cheaper type of raw material – potassium chloride. Thus, when using our fertilizers Multifos and Durasop, soil salinization does not occur and there is no environmental damage.

One of the important distinguishing features of our products is the presence of not only macro nutrients, but we also do not forget about the mesa elements (calcium, magnesium, sulfur) and trace elements (boron, zinc, iron, manganese), which play an important role in the life and development plants, as well as acting as catalysts in the absorption of basic nutrients.

Thanks to our many years of experience, (over 30 years), constant research, and the use of innovative technologies in production, we were able to achieve a phosphorus availability factor of more than 75%, regardless of the pH of the soil.

Our specialists at Fertchem are always happy to help you with the selection of the optimal formula, depending on the type of crop and pH of the soil in your specific case.