About our stimulants and correctors

Our company, Fertchem, offers a wide selection of special fertilizers based on amino acids to correct the lack of nutrients, growth stimulants, stress, as well as the extraction of humic and fulvic acids. We own the largest factory in Europe for the production of special fertilizers with a total volume of about 300,000 tons per year.Thanks to deep research and constant investment in science, we were able to develop truly unique and highly effective products that combine amino acids, that act as an antistressant, growth promoter, and conductor, with nutritional elements such as boron, molybdenum, zinc, manganese, copper, potassium, nitrogen of organic origin, phosphorus. Our product Aminovit Vigorion (Amminovit Vigorion) is recognized by agricultural producers in many countries of the world, including Ukraine, as the best antistressant for biotic and abiotic stresses, as well as Aminovit Vigorion acting as a plant growth stimulator. Thanks to the patented Aminoat technology (Aminoat), we were able to combine amino acids and copper by compacting a copper molecule. This technology is also used for compacting boron, which makes this element mobile in the plant, and also significantly increases its absorption rate by the plant. In all of our liquid products, we use active surface substances (adjuvants) such as: anti-drift (does not allow droplets to roll off the sheet surface), anti-foaming (does not form foam when preparing the tank mixture), spreading agents (forms a thin and uniform layer on the sheet surface), pH regulator of the product (the nutrients in the product remain accessible to the plant with a wide range of pH working solution), the conductor (providing a greater opening of the stomata of the plant and ensures the mobility of the nutrients directly in the plant), protection from ultraviolet radiation (allowing to use our product in daylight days), adhesive (the best strengthening of the product on the leaf surface), accelerator (faster absorption of nutrients by the plant) as well as numerous other benefits. Our specialists at Fertchem are always happy to help you with the selection of the best product, depending on the type of crop and the phase of its development in each specific case.