About our fertilizers in minigranular and microgranular

Our company offers a unique product on the Ukrainian market in the form of mini-pellet Renovation Fuerza (Renovation Fuersa). The granule size is 3-3.5 mm, which makes sowing the exact application rate easy and allows you to use the product as a starter fertilizer with the application in the seedbed using an applicator, as a microgranule, or using standard fertilizer sowing devices, as a standard granule according to classical technology 5 cm to the side or below the seeds. The main feature of the product is the presence of humic extract (6%), as well as the presence of a high concentration of amino acids, in the range from 0.5% to 2%. Regarding micro granular products, our company offers the largest selection of micro granular fertilizer formulas on the Ukrainian market in the Agristart line. Our formulas are perfectly balanced for different types of crops, and we also present two special products: one for acidic soils – Agristart Multiphos (Agristart Mulftifos) and the second – for wetland (carbonate) soils – Agristart Actibion ​​(Agristart Actibion). We are the largest producer of micro granular fertilizers in Europe, which allows us to always offer the best price with a guaranteed high quality product. Along with this, we offer our clients the services of selecting and installing equipment (applicators) for the application process o micro granules. Our company – Fertchem offers equipment only from leading European manufacturers with a guarantee of quality. Our experts are always happy to help you with the choice of the optimal formula, depending on the type of crop, pH of the soil, and our clients needs.