Our company Firthham, is part of the production group Tervalis, Spain. Working with us, you get into a big European family, where your opinion matters. We constantly survey our colleagues to improve the company’s performance, so each employee is directly involved in the development of the company. We offer official employment, a decent salary, high bonuses, social package. We constantly conduct trainings for our employees, both in Ukraine and at factories for the production of our products in Spain.

Our employees have the opportunity to receive at the expense of the company, paid holidays in the resorts of Ukraine and Spain. Working at Firthch, you can always show your creativity, apply your knowledge and acquire new ones. We are a fast-growing company that always has room for career growth.

Therefore, if you are ambitious, decent, and ready to work for the result regardless of the day of the week or time of day for decent money – then fill out the form, send a resume and change your life for the better! If all of the above is not about you, just close this page.

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