About our fertilisers

Our company, Fertchem, is part of the world group, Tervalis, which is the manufacturer of the fertilizers we offer on the Ukrainian market. Thanks to many years of experience, over 30 years, constant research, cooperation with research institutes in the field of agricultural chemistry, including in our country, we were able to achieve our success in the field of innovative and high-tech fertilizers. Our company, Fertchem, offers pH-oriented granular fertilizers of the matrix type (Durasop, Multifos), the application of which depends on the acidity of the soil, products in micro (Agristart) and mini granules (Renovation Fuersa). In our products, we use patented technologies of active and passive protection of nutrients from retrograde, prolonged-action functions, technology of chelation, compacting and sulfation of nutrients. Also, we offer a large selection of stimulants, correctors, anti-stressants, extracts of humic and sulfuric acids, water-soluble crystalline fertilizers, organic and organic-mineral fertilizers of Spanish production. The general product catalog includes more than 900 different formulas, about 40 of which are available in Ukraine. Our company, Fertchem, is one of a few in Ukraine which can fully provide all types of crops with all the necessary nutrients to obtain a high yield and, accordingly, achieve maximum profit for the farmer. The specialists of our company, Fertchem, are always happy to help you with the selection of the optimal product, depending on the acidity of the soil, type of crop and phase of its development, in each specific case.