The Fertilizer Multiphos, received the same name with our patented Multiphos technology. This product is intended for use on acidic and highly acidic soils. Thanks to the double protection of phosphorus from its binding to the oxides of aluminum and iron on acidic soils, we were able to achieve the accessibility of phosphorus at the level of 70% at Ph 5.0.

Physical protection is provided by a polymer matrix shell, which protects the phosphorus inside the granules from constant contact with the soil and releases nutrients gradually, thereby achieving prolonged action.

Chemical protection is provided by the presence of calcium having two positive charges, one of which binds during production with phosphorus, and the second acts as a bridge for communication with a soil absorption complex having a negative charge. Also, we use three forms of phosphorus in this product,mono-calcium, di-calcium and tri-calcium phosphate for the availability of phosphorus over a long period of time.

Along with this, Multiphos uses MicroVit technology with increased zinc, which acts as a catalyst for better absorption of phosphorus. Multiphos, can be used as a pre-sowing, as well as a starting fertilizer.


 Content (%): P2O5SO3 CaOZn



Protection and gradual release of phosphorus in acidic soils


Complex of microelements on a chelate basis


  • Availability of phosphorus on acid soils.
  • Reduction of losses during washing, evaporation and retrogradation of nutrients.
  • Increases the quantity and quality of crops.

Improved phosphorus supply on acidic soils

Assimilation of forms of phosphorus depending on soil pH

 Crop Dose Features of application
Starter fertilizers:
All crops75 – 100 kg/Ha– with sowing
Base fertilizers:
All crops100-500 kg/Ha– before sowing

Application Way

  • Seed drill in to the ground
  • Broadcasting