Renovation Fuerza


Renovation Fuersa is a unique product that has no analogues in Ukraine. Fuerza combines all of the most modern technologies of our 30 years of experience in research and production of organic fertilizers. In addition to the standard set of NPK, mesa, and micro elements, this product contains humic and fulvic acid salts, as well as a high content of free amino acids.

The main idea of the product is to convert inaccessible nutrients that are in the soil into a form accessible by plants. This allows for minimal use of macro nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in mineral form, or even to cut the NPK content to 0.

Due to Prolife technology. Which is responsible for the activation of beneficial bacteria in the soil, high content of amino acids, maximum nutrient availability, restoration of the chemical composition of the soil, and increase in the content of the organic component of the soil are achieved. Duramon is responsible for the prolonged action of nitrogen, with the help of an inhibitor that slows down the transition of nitrogen from amide to ammonia form. Protect technology protects phosphorus from binding to metal oxides on acidic soils and from binding to calcium and magnesium on carbonate soils. SOP technology indicates the use of potassium without chlorine form. We use potassium sulfate in the form of raw materials for production, which allows us to be more careful about the environment and get a high absorption coefficient of potassium from our products. Moreover, in the production, we encounter the mesa elements (Sulfur, Magnesium, Calcium) and use them to protect and increase the absorption coefficient of NPK. In the production of trace elements, we use a chelation method of each element separately, so each trace element is chelated separately, which increases its availability to plants.

Pay attention to the granule size of 3-3.5 mm, which allows you to use the product as a standard starter fertilizer with the introduction of the soil according to the classical technology, as well as a micro granular fertilizer with the soil using the applicator directly in the seedbed.


Content (%):Fuerza 8:14:6Fuerza 6:8:18Pura Fuerza
 N Total86
P2O514 8
SO313 1020
CaO2,52,5 20
Mg 226
Fe 111
Hum. extract66 6
L-Amino acids0,50,52



Prolonged action of nitrogen due to the MCDHS inhibitor 


Protection of phosphorus from binding to metal oxides in acidic soils


Protects and increases the efficiency of nutrient use in alkaline soils (Thioester)


Non-chlorine potassium base (potassium sulfate), as well as sulfur, necessary for plants


Complex of microelements on a chelate basis


Activator of the microbial soil flora


  • Increases the preservation of nutrients in the soil, increases their mobilization in the rhizosphere.
  • Reduce the effects of stress and improve uptake by the root system.
  • Optimal distribution and maximum use of nutrients.
  • The advantage of quality over quantity.
 Crop Dose Features of application
Starter fertilizers:
All crops50 – 70 kg/Ha– together with the seeds into the sowing line
Base fertilizers:
All crops80-100 kg/Ha– sowing

Application Way

  • Seed drill into the ground
  • With the applicator into the sowing line together with the seeds.