Our company Fertchem, present a high-tech and modern corrector of potassium deficiency – Blackpot. Potassium, an element of plant nutrition, without which it is impossible to obtain high-quality products, and in its absence, a stable and high yield. From the provision of plants with potassium, the absorption and assimilation of other nutrients (for example nitrogen), the increase in sugar content, color, aroma and consistency of products depend. Potassium contributes to the development of generative organs of crops, including root crops (potatoes, beets, etc.).

Blackpot is designed to provide plants with the maximum available potassium. This is achieved due to the high concentration of potassium with a combination of humic extract in the Blackpot product. Humic extract is divided into fulvic and humic acids, each of which plays an important role in the life of plants, and also act as a transport for the potassium molecule. Due to this, the quality and productivity increase, the resistance of plants to drought, cold and disease increases. Due to the low salt index of the product, it can be used both in fertigation and in the form of foliar application.

In all our liquid products, we use actively surface substances (adjuvants), such as: anti-drift (does not allow droplets to roll off the sheet surface), anti-foaming (does not form foam when preparing the tank mix), spreading agent (forms a thin and uniform layer on the sheet surface), Ph product regulator (the nutrients in the product remain accessible to the plant with a large Ph frame of the working solution), conductor (providing greater opening of the oysters by the plant and ensures the mobility of the nutrients directly in the plant), adhesive (better content of the product on the leaf surface), accelerator (faster absorption of plant nutrients) and others.


Content (%)КHumic extractHumic acidsFulvic acidsNtotalNH2pH
In weight:521257339



Improved use of nutrients due to interaction with amino acids


Complex of agents for increasing the assimilation of nutrients through the leaf surface


  • Activation of plant growth and energy savings.
  • High rate of nutrient absorption, prevention of run-off and evaporation.
  • Rapid movement of nutrients in the plant.
  • Increasing the resistance of plants to stress factors.
  • Effective correction of potassium deficiency, increasing the quantity and quality of crops.

Foliar application:

CropDoseFeatures of application
All crops0,2 – 0,3 kg/100 l of water– during the ripening period, 10-15 days before harvest

Drip irrigation:

CropDoseFeatures application
All crops5 – 7 l/Ha– during the ripening period, 10-15 days before harvest

Application Way

  • Foliar application
  • Drip irrigation