Efisoil Humus

Stimulator based on humic extract with a high content of humic acids

Affects the chemical and biological properties of the rhizosphere and plants, activating and stimulating the development of the root system. The high content of humic extract improves soil structure, increases the ability to retain water, forms stable complexes with trace elements, promoting their protection, mobilization and assimilation by plants.


Content (%)Humic extractHumic acidsFulvic acidsК2ОрН
In weight:66579159,8


  • Nutrition and activation of microbial flora.
  • Providing the necessary nutrients (potassium, calcium, trace elements).
  • Stimulates the development and restoration of the surface layer of the soil.
  • Increases soil fertility and the ability to retain nutrients.

Using a sprayer

With irrigation water (fertigation)

Application Way

  • Foliar application
  • Drip irrigation