Microquel Mix

Corrector of micronutrient deficiency

Our company Fertchem, offers a highly concentrated set of trace elements – Microquel Mix. This product contains a set of essential trace elements on a chelate basis. Thanks to the use of the modern production method and the use of two chelating agents (lignosulfonate, organic origin and EDTA of synthetic origin), we maximally protected trace elements from retrogradation and increased the absorption coefficient by 60% compared to analogues. Microquel Mix, can be used to correct the deficiency of micronutrients and as the seed treatment to increase the germination of seeds.


Content (%):BCuFeMnMoZn
In weight:0,70,57,53,30,20,6

The pH range of the guaranteed stability of the chelate fraction 3-10



Complex of microelements on a chelate basis


  • Trace elements are protected from retrogradation.
  • Contains 2 chelating agents.
  • Contains organic material.
  • Has a triple action COMPLELATOS, protected by an organic molecule (S.L.E.D.T.A).
  • Has a biostimulating effect due to complexing substances, improves the consumption of essential nutrients by plants.
 Crop Dose Features of application
Foliar application:
All crops0,2 kg /100 l of water– during whole vegetative period
Drip irrigation:
All crops2 – 3 kg/Ha– пduring whole vegetative period

Application Way

  • Foliar application
  • Drip irrigation