Introducing the innovative Rhizomax product, designed for processing seeds of all types of crops. This product contains amino acids, organic nitrogen and a number of technologies including the use of biological additives.

As everyone knows, seeds contain a fairly large amount of phosphorus, the absorption of which is blocked by phytic acid located inside the seed. Fertinagro scientists have developed and patented a technology, which allows you to neutralize phytic acid and make phosphorus inside the seeds accessible to the plant during the germination period. Thanks to this, we get faster and more aligned shoots, which is very important in today’s conditions of lack of moisture, and plants have greater strength due to good development of the root system at an early stage.

Thus, the use of Rhizomax gives synergy and energy to seed germination, provides friendly seedlings, increases seed germination as a result of increased yield, develops a stronger root system, which makes the plant strong, healthy and increases its stress resistance.


Content (%): N totalN organicL-aminoacidsрН
In weight:2165
In volume:2165

Aminogram:  Gl, Al, Ar, As, Fe, Glu, Hp, Hi, Is, Le, Ls, Me, Pr, Se, Tir, Va, Tr, Cis



Activator of the microbial soil flora


  • Increase germination of the seeds.
  • Improving the development and functioning of the root system.
  • Improving the quantity and quality of the harvest.
CropDoseFeatures of application
Seed treatment:
Field crops0,6 – 1,0 L/1MT of seed– seed treatment before planting

Application Way

  • Disinfectant for seeds