Encapsulated physioactivator designed for natural activation of biologically active substances

Our company Fertchem presents an innovative biostimulant and antistressant with a high concentration of rapidly assimilating free amino acids – SuperBio. Thanks to modern patented technology using amino acid hydrolysis, our experts were able to achieve a concentration of L-amino acids of 55%.

SuperBio stimulates the growth and development of plants, the processes of flowering and fruiting, the restoration of weakened plants after exposure to stress factors. When used with irrigation water, it improves the process of formation and growth of the root system, increases the intensity of use of nutrients.

The composition of the product includes the main – essential amino acids in a scientifically based ratio, which allows you to get the maximum result when used. An increased concentration of the amino acid proline increases plant resistance to stress and improves the regulation of water balance. For the production of amino acids, plants must restore nitrate nitrogen to ammonium, followed by its conversion to amino acids. This process also uses micronutrient catalysts, and then amino acids are processed into protein – the building material for plants. During the recovery process, the plant spends the most important thing – the energy that is so necessary during the onset of stressful conditions to overcome them. The introduction of a balanced composition of amino acids allows you to save the energy spent on their formation, and the stored energy is directed to growth and, accordingly, to increase productivity.

When used with herbicides, it enhances their action on weeds and reduces phytotoxic loads on cultivated plants by stimulating the plant resistance mechanism.


Content (%)L-AminoacidsN




in weight:5510915

Амінограмма: Al, Ar, As, Ci, Fe, Gl, Glu, Hp, Hi, Is, Le, Ls, Me, Pr, Se, Tir, Tr, Trp, Va.



Improved use of nutrients due to interaction with amino acids


Activator of the microbial soil flora


Complex of agents for increasing the assimilation of nutrients through the leaf surface


  • Environmentally friendly and completely biodegradable fertilizer.
  • Roots development.
  • Increases resistance to pests and diseases.
  • Increases productivity and quality of crops in the most adverse conditions.
  • Easily and quickly dissolves.
  • Possible use in tank mixes, promotes synergistic effect.

Foliar application:

CropDoseFeatures application
All crops0,1 – 0,2 kg/100 l of water– during the period of active growth, flowering, after the action of a stress factor

З поливною водою (фертигація):

CropDoseFeatures application
All crops3 – 6 kg/Ha– during the period of active growth, flowering, after the action of a stress factor

Application Way

  • Foliar application
  • Drip irrigation