Aminovit Terrabion


Our company Fertchem, represents a stimulator of the development of the root system and antistresant with a high concentration of rapidly assimilating free amino acids – Terrabion. Thanks to modern patented technology using the hydrolysis of amino acids, our specialists were able to achieve the ideal ratio of L-amino acids. Aminovit Terrabion, stimulates the development of the root system, the processes of flowering and fruiting, the restoration of weakened plants after exposure to stress factors.

The composition of the product includes the main – essential amino acids in a scientifically based ratio, which allows you to get the maximum result when used. An increased concentration of Tryptophan promotes the rapid development of the root system, prevents a delay in the development of plants, and increases resistance to stress. The main purpose of using this product is to provide the plant with additional energy for growth and development. For the production of amino acids, the plant must restore nitrate nitrogen to ammonium nitrogen, followed by its conversion to amino acids. In this process, the catalyst is also used in the form of trace elements, and then into protein, the building material for plants. During the recovery process, the plant spends the most important thing – the energy that is so necessary during the onset of stressful conditions to overcome them. The introduction of a balanced composition of amino acids allows you to save the energy spent on their formation, and the stored energy is directed to growth and, accordingly, to increase productivity.

Aminovit Terrabion was widely used in the cultivation of fruits and vegetables, berries, fruits and for planting seedlings.

In all our liquid products, we use actively surface substances (adjuvants), such as: anti-drift (does not allow droplets to roll off the sheet surface), anti-foaming (does not form foam when preparing the tank mix), spreading agent (forms a thin and uniform layer on the sheet surface), Ph product regulator (the nutrients in the product remain accessible to the plant with a large Ph working solution frame), the conductor (providing greater opening of the oysters by the plant and ensures the mobility of the nutrients directly in the plant), adhesive (the best content of the product on the leaf surface), accelerator (faster absorption of nutrients by the plant) and others. Due to this, the effectiveness of application for foliar top dressing is improved.


 Content (%): N totalN organicL-AminoacidsрН
In weight:44126,6
In volume:5514,46,6

Амінограмма: Al, Ar, As, Ci, Fe, Gl, Glu, Hp, Hi, Is, Le, Ls, Me, Pr, Se, Tir, Tr, Trp, Va



Complex of agents for increasing the assimilation of nutrients through the root system


Activator of the microbial soil flora


Complex of agents for increasing the assimilation of nutrients through the leaf surface


  • Stimulation of root system development
  • Stimulating plant growth by saving energy.
  • Increasing the stability of plants under osmotic stress.
  • Restoration of crops after growth arrest caused by low temperatures.
  • Improving the quality and quantity of the harvest.
 Crop Dose Features of application
Foliar application:
All crops0,3 – 0,4 l/100 l of water– during the period of active growth of the root system
Drip irrigation:
All crops15 – 20 l/Ha– during the period of active growth of the root system

Application Way

  • Foliar application
  • Drip irrigation