Microquel Topiron


Our company Fertchem, presents a high-tech and modern corrector for iron deficiency – Topiron. The main cause of iron deficiency in plants is its blocking in the soil, this is especially clearly seen on carbonate soils. Iron deficiency manifests itself in the form of intervein chlorosis, first on young leaves, and later on older ones. A lack of iron leads to a deterioration in acidity in berries and fruits, as well as to a decrease in sugar levels.

Using Microquel Topiron as quickly as possible removes iron deficiency in plants, provides a stable level of acidity of berries and fruits, as well as sugar saturation. This is achieved by a unique method of chelation of iron molecules, which was developed and patented by the specialists of our company. First, the iron molecule is protected by the compacting method using organic matter, and then the compacted molecule is chelated with a synthetic chelating agent. Thanks to the use of this technology, the maximum possible availability of the active substance from the Microquel Topiron product is ensured. The stability of such a chelate fraction is guaranteed in the range of the pH of the solution from 2 to 12. Also, the organic substance acts as an antistressant, which helps to minimize the negative effects of iron deficiency.



Do not mix with products that have an acidic pH and products containing calcium, phosphorus and sulfur.


Content (%):FeRange of pH stability
In weight:6,02 – 12



Complex of microelements on a chelate basis


Special organic chelating agent based on humic extract


  • Eliminates iron deficiency (long-term and short-term).
  • Reduces electrical conductivity by reducing the concentration of sodium.
  • Improves the supply of phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, as well as trace elements such as copper, manganese and zinc.
  • Prevents iron retrogradation, helps unlock mineral compounds and improves soil moisture.
  • Improving the quality and quantity of the harvest
 Crop Dose Features of application
Foliar application:
All crops0,1 – 0,3 l/100 l of water-in the early stages of growth or at
the presence of signs of deficiency (interstitial chlorosis, manifested primarily on young leaves)

Application Way

  • Foliar application
  • Drip irrigation