Microquel Amin Ziman

Deficiency corrector of zinc and manganese based on aminoacids

Our company Fertchem, presents a high-tech and modern amino acid-based zinc and manganese deficiency corrector – Ziman. This product contains zinc and manganese compacted (a modern analogue to chelation) with the amino acid glycine, which acts as a chelating agent. Along with this, the presence of other amino acids is responsible for faster absorption of microelements by the plant, their movement along the plant, anti-stress effect, better development of the root system, and growth stimulation. Also, our researchers studied the process of absorption of zinc and manganese by the plant, as a result of which they came to the conclusion that the addition of each of these elements separately does not produce the maximum effect, while both act as catalysts for each other and form a synergy when both are introduced simultaneously. Thanks to this, Ziman has gained wider application, both for corn, which is very sensitive to zinc, and other crops that are quite sensitive to manganese.

In all our liquid products, we use actively surface substances (Adjuvants), such as: anti-drift (does not allow the dropping of a drop from a sheet surface), anti-foaming (does not form foam when preparing the tank mixture), a spreading agent (forms a thin and uniform layer on the leaf surface), the Ph regulator of the product (the nutrients in the product remain accessible to the plant when large frame Ph working solution), conductor (providing greater opening of oysters plant and provides mobility of nutrients directly in the plant), it is protected from ultraviolet (it is possible to process our product in bright time of day), adhesive (better retention of the product on the leaf surface), accelerator (faster assimilation of nutrients by the plant) and others.


 Content (%):ZnMnL-AminoacidsN TotalN OrganicрН
In weight :448224
In volume:4,84,89,62,42,44

Al, Ar, As, Ci, Fe, Gl, Glu, Hp, Hi, Is, Le, Ls, Me, Pr, Se, Tir, Tr, Trp, Va.



Improved use of nutrients due to interaction with amino acids


Complex of agents for increasing the assimilation of nutrients through the leaf surface


  • Activation of plant growth and energy savings.
  • High rate of nutrient absorption, prevention of run-off and evaporation.
  • Rapid movement of nutrients in the plant.
  • Increasing the resistance of plants to stress factors (lack of moisture, temperature fluctuations).
  • Effective correction of zinc and manganese deficiency, increasing the quantity and quality of crops.
 Crop Dose Features of application
Foliar application:
All crops0,3 – 0,4 L/100 L of water– throughout the growing season
drip irrigation:
All crops5 – 10 L/Ha– throughout the growing season

Application Way

  • Foliar application
  • Drip irrigation