Fercrystal SUMMUM

Complex water-soluble fertilizers with microelements and growth stimulant

Our company Fertchem, presents a premium line of water-soluble fertilizers-SUMMUM. These fertilizers combined nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium with a set of trace elements using two chelating agents (lignosulfonate, organic origin and EDTA of synthetic origin), as well as a growth stimulator based on plant amino acids based on Ascophyllum nodosum extract. Along with this, the product contains phytohormones and oligosaccharides. SUMMUM products are distinguished by a low salt index, which makes the product soluble at almost any water hardness. Using di-potassium phosphate as a source of potassium reduces electrical conductivity by 20%. Thanks to the use of these technologies, we were able to achieve a 20% reduction in the fertilizer usage compared to standard water-soluble products, which allows us to offer a competitive price with better quality and also to treat our country’s eco-resources more carefully.


Content (%):NNO3NH4P2O2K2OBMnMoZnCuFepH
Fercrystal SUMMUM
Fercrystal SUMMUM
12 0,711,3240 0,030,075 0,0050,1 0,030,15-6
Fercrystal SUMMUM

The pH range of the guaranteed stability of the molecule 4-8.



Complex of microelements on a chelate basis


Stimulator derived from the Ascophyllum nodosum extract and tricarboxylic acids


  • Simultaneous application of nutrients and biostimulator.
  • Increasing resistance to stressful conditions.
  • Improving yields and crop quality.
  • Possibility of double application: foliar feeding and with irrigation water.
  • Rapid assimilation of nutrients thru leaf surface.
  • Less cost - more efficiency.
  • The use of two chelating agents to protect trace elements.
  • High level of solubility.
Fercrystal SUMMUMIn the initial stages of growth
and development, flowering
Fercrystal SUMMUMAfter flowering, pouring and ripening
Fercrystal SUMMUMDuring the period of active growth

Application Way

  • Foliar application
  • Drip irrigation